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Integrating D&D Beyond seamlessly with Virtual Tabletops

v2.9.4 (June 5th 2024)

v2.9.3 (May 10th 2024)

v2.9.2 (April 24th 2024)

v2.9.1 (July 5th 2023)

v2.9.0 (June 24th 2023)

v2.8.0 (November 13th 2022)

v2.7.0 (June 18th 2022)

v2.6.3 (April 12th 2022)

v2.6.2 (March 30th 2022)

v2.6.1 (February 21st 2022)

v2.6.0 (January 4th 2022)

v2.5.0 (September 20th 2021)

v2.4.6 (July 7th 2021)

v2.4.5 (June 4th 2021)

v2.4.4 (June 4th 2021)

v2.4.3 (June 1st 2021)

v2.4.2 (June 1st 2021)

v2.4.1 (April 25th 2021)

v2.4.0 (March 30th 2021)

v2.3.0 (December 8th 2020)

v2.2.1 (October 4th 2020)

v2.2 (October 3rd 2020)

v2.1.1 (July 11th 2020)

v2.1 (July 8th 2020)

v2.0 (June 2nd 2020)

v1.1 (April 9th 2020)

v1.0 (March 16th 2020)

v0.9 (February 13th 2020)

v0.8 (December 6th 2019)

v0.7 (November 19th 2019)

v0.6 (September 20th 2019)

v0.5 (August 13th 2019)

v0.4 (July 3rd 2019)

v0.3 (June 18th 2019)

v0.2 (May 29th 2019)

v0.1 (May 21st 2019)

v0.0.9 (May 19th 2019)

v0.0.8.1 (Firefox-only)

v0.0.8 (May 18th 2019)

v0.0.7 (May 15th 2019)

v0.0.6 (May 9th 2019)

v0.0.5 (May 7th 2019)

v0.0.4 (May 7th 2019)

v0.0.3 (May 6th 2019)

v0.0.2 (May 6th 2019)

v0.0.1 (May 5th 2019)

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